Connecting and encouraging every donor to donate blood by hitting a boundary every year so there is no shortage of blood every moment.


Redconnect is the possibility for Peace Love & Happiness. Not a single person around every individual should wait for blood. Bridging the gap between donors and needy. All that Redconnect does is directed towards improving the lives of our ‘real world’- the people around us. Just do not donate blood, spread awareness and let other to donate blood.

  • Serving a single platform for the donors and acceptors to donate and receive blood.
  • Enrol more and more Negative blood group people to meet the shortage of –ve blood group.
  • Encourage +ve and –ve blood group donors to donate and spread the awareness among others.
  • Blood donation should reach 100% eligible donors.
  • Connecting people by arranging blood donation camps, street plays awareness sessions and health camps.
  • Not a single person in India should suffer from Anaemia, thalassaemia or any other disease due to unavailability of blood.
  • Blood should be available to the needy whenever they require.


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